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Please click on the pull down menu to see the babies in each of the litters we have available.


We currently have a seal point girl from Darla.  She is very brave and the best jumper from her litter for the flying toy at the end of the play wand.

There are adorable Lynx boys from Charlotte.

Also very, very cute seal point boys from Olive.

And a darling seal point boy from Angel.

Yep, at the moments there are alot of little boys running around at Hearthrob.



Ragdoll kittens are born completely white and their color and patterns come in over time. They do not have their adult colors until they are about two years old.
Ragdolls are not fully grown until they are four to five years old. See the "Kittens Growing" page by clicking here to see the kittens as they grow.

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