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Seal Point Lynx
Girl and Boy
Available for Deposit

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Please see more pictures on the Pictures of Kittens Growing Page which will be updated as these babies grow.

Sweet little girl

3 weeks old

girl (1) 9-8-22.jpg

Handsome little boy

3 weeks old

boy (1) 9-8-22.jpg

Please complete the contact page if you are interested in more information on reserving your ragdoll kitten.  I am interested in knowing more about you and the home the kitten will be going to. Please also let me know what state you are in.  Thank you.

Ragdoll kittens are born completely white and their color and patterns come in over time. They do not have their adult colors until they are about two years old.
Ragdolls are not fully grown until they are four to five years old. See the "Kittens Growing" page by clicking here to see the kittens as they grow.