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Kittens are now available for deposit

LuLuBerry and Starbucks had 4 kittens on June 1.  They are cute as can be and are doing wonderfully.  There is one boy and one girl still available for deposit.  All are blue point lynx like their momma.  Kittens are out of their nest box and running, wrestling and playing.  They are still nursing buy also eating sold food.  They are using the litter box with great gusto!

Charlotte surprised us with a big litter of 6 babies on June 9.  All are doing great!  Eating and sleeping and now playing their day away.  There are 2 girls and 3 boys available for deposit.  Blue and seal litter.

Please have a look at LuLuBerry's and Charlotte's kittens on their pages.

Page updated July 9, 2024

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